Baseboards, Casing, and Crown Moldings

Trim boards, also known as molding pieces elegantly cap joints between various surfaces and materials. The casings around windows and doors and base moldings at the bottom of a wall are the most usual applications.

One of the chief characteristics differentiating a lovely room from a plain box is the emphasis on molding. It provides attitude as well as architectural attention for the interior moldings.

One of the simple ways to upgrade a room is to intensify all the moldings, giving emphasis on depth, width, and height to the trim. The enlarged framing adds depth to the walls, especially if it is color patterned with the same hue as the walls for a unified look far from closing in a room.


Baseboards are the visual foundation for a room beginning on the floor. They are a bar outlined below everything else that proceeds into the room. The addition of shoe molding for a dramatic detail is essential if the room has hardwood floors.


The casing is the openings in walls without doors and is framed with woodwork. This trim protects the wall surface from scratches which wraps from one side of the wall to the other and defines the opening. Without interrupting the flow, a cased opening can suggest a separation between two rooms.

This style frames an opening in a really dramatic and unexpected way. Don’t consider moldings that are too flat against the wall because they look anemic and cheap regardless of the profile.

Crown Molding

A deep crown molding can define the architecture to a room that has less, and it catches the eye upward in a similar way using curtains hung at ceiling height do. Using crown moldings are one of the architectural quality that can suggest your home is well valued. They incorporate a visual existence that makes a home feel posher. One may instantly say this home is well-crafted and solid when installation is done well. Anyone may find themselves the feeling of having incomplete architectural details that give it distinction unless you are lucky enough to live in an older home beautifully arranged with lovely for crown moldings Click Here