DIY Project: Techniques to Make an Accent Wall

Accent walls are ideal as the primary or secondary main point in a room as it draws attention. For rooms in the house that contains less architectural interest, accent walls are useful. Convert the accent wall stand out from the rest of the walls in an obvious way but without spending too much money to execute this project. Here are some suggestion to create an accent wall:

Use Paint

To paint the wall with a different color than you’ve used in the rest of the space is the simplest way to create an accent wall. Accent walls are excellent for bold paint colors that can deluge. You can pick on bright or deep color, as anything you prefer.

Use Fabric Wallpaper

You can still create an accent wall using fabric if you’re not permitted to paint or paper the walls if you’re renting your space. Cut the fabric into panels and stick it to the walls using liquid starch. The starch acts like glue to hold the fabric in place once it dries but when you take out the fabric, you’ll find not a single permanent residue. You’ll simply need to wash the walls with a bit of soap and water if in case you’re moving out of the place.

DIY Project: Techniques to Make an Accent Wall

Use Drapery Panels

Differentiate the accent wall with a wall of curtains or draperies long enough to make a softer look than fabric placed with liquid starch. You may also use vintage drapery panels if you can look for at least two to three matching pairs if your wall isn’t too spacious and your ceiling isn’t too lofty. If you can’t find any, try DIY inexpensive version of fabric from a remainder bolt.

Twice as wide as your wall space the least, seam the fabric at once and then hem it on all four sides. To serve a rod pocket, slide over a wall-to-wall curtain wire and add a casing to the back. Gather the header until it’s the width of the wall, and then sew hook-and-loop tape from the other side of the shirred header. Alongside the tip of your accent wall, staple the organizing strip of hook-and-loop tape. To suspend your DIY drape on the wall, grasp the two halves of the tape jointly.

Use Gallery Wall

You can hang a large art grouping to make a gallery wall to create an accent wall without changing the wall’s finish. Hang complimenting frames in a multi-row grid for noticeable effect if you favor a more orderly look.

Use Vintage Wallpaper

A superb wallpaper makes for a striking accent wall even if you’re not into using patterned wallpaper on the entire wall. It’s also a valid way to incorporate vintage wallpaper into your abode. A fragmentary bolt is customarily sufficient for a single wall as it’s challenging finding enough to do a whole room. Try to check  Dallas Epoxy Flooring Service Click Here for some fresh ideas.