Porch Flooring Suggestions

Cedar Wood

Although it is an expensive porch flooring option, cedar-wood is another attractive and natural material. The wood surface covering material does not need use of sealant as it is naturally resistant to mold, rot,  weather, and vermin, and can last for decades once used conventionally.

Resilient Vinyl Click Together

Vinyl is almost resistant to any naturally occurring environmental aspect like vermin, mold, water, and stains. The material is easy to handle as its easy to clean, UV treated by the factory, needs low maintenance, it provides a cheaper convenient outer surface solution. Normally, for porch flooring, available in the form of planks and boards is what you can purchase for the vinyl material, which can be assembled by clicking it together to create a combination of the overall structure.

Plastic Wood Composites

To create a composite that has the properties of both, these consist of recycled plastic mixed with discarded wood fibers. These materials are highly durable and impervious to water, stains, mold, destruction, UV fading, and they don’t chip or break and the appearance is like natural wood. The material is long lasting as it can last for decades with no preservation needed. You have to carefully read the terms and conditions of those contracts as offered by most retailers and they will even offer a 10-20 year warranty on plastic wood composites.


Bricks are produced from clay fired hard into tiles. Brick is a material that is heavy, and are usually used in porches produced entirely from brick or other stone and concrete solid materials. The floor surface should be treated at least once with a UV shield chemical sealant once installed. Reapplication periodically is suggested, or let the bricks shape and wear with the winds and the rains as it will look messy.

Pressure-Treated Pine

This flooring signifies for 80% of all deck floor top coverings. Durable, weather-resistant, inexpensive, and long-lasting are the assets of pressure-treated pine.  These materials are often utilized to construct the base of a porch and can be purchased in standard 2X planks, and flat sheet board sizes. A simple reminder: When used as the material for railings and stairs, make sure to use better quality grade 1 material and for standard floorboards, use the grade 2 material.


Redwood features a lovely red tinted hue and an exotic wood porch flooring option. Redwood will slice down with unsullied linear cuts for sharp junctions and easier to cut compared to pine. These porch floors don’t degrade from normal weathering as they are rough and durable, and they can withstand to the ruins of insects, rot, and mold, that permits eliminating using a wood sealing agent.